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Leo works with the General (Malcolm Greymater) who reincarnates dead woman that Leo buys for working in his V.I.P. strip clubs.  This operation worked for a time until Batgirl and Ghost started finding clues that led to Leo.  Leo worried about the new duo of heroes and contacted the General several times with no response.  With frustration Leo went to General himself and led unknowingly led Batgirl right to them.  
While Batgirl attacked Two-Face declared his personal war on the General with an army of gangers.  Meanwhile Ghost planned her own escape and was attacking the General from within the base.  This led the General to unleash his zombies and set explosives to cut his losses.  He allowed Leo to hang out at the base and relax while he took care of the unpleasant situation.  It is unknown but assumed Leo died either by the zombies or more likely by the explosion that destroyed the base while the General along with the trio escaped.

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