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Bloaty the Frog! Chick'n Butt! The Last Dance of the LadyBug! Lenore visits the doctor and becomes... dead again? Noooooooooooooooooooo! Witness the shocking cliffhanger of a lifetime in the latest Lenore adventure!

Bloaty the Frog- Lenore finds a dead frog and tries to nurse it back to health.

Things Involving Me- Roman retells a story of his collage days and how he wasn't able to talk to women, on in particular.

Chick N' Butt- Lenore is annoyed by a little boy. She quickly gets her revenge, Lenore style.

The Last Dance of the Ladybug- The last happy dance of a Ladybug, ends with him being crunched by a child. 14 years later, the same boy is crunched by the ladybug.

Untitled Story- Lenore doesn't feel well and goes with Raggamuffin to the county doctor. There she meets a man only she can see. The Man takes her home where she is surrounded by creatures weirder then her. Meanwhile in the real world, Raggamuffin finds Lenore dead, and later buries her while Mr. Gosh weeps.







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