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It's Lenore and a monstrously overpowered Ragamuffin against the immeasurable armies of Heck! Did somebody call for a Spam Witch?

  • Muffin Monster- Lenore is having muffins with the Muffin Monster, when she starts hearing voices, which she later is told she is making herself. Meanwhile, Ragamuffin, now back to his old vampire self, defeats a large part of the Heck Army. After Ragamuffin repairs himself with his magic vampire powers he, Lenore and Muffin Monster, head back to Lenore's mansion to fortify it against the Heck Army. There they learn that Mr. Gosh is possessed and take great enjoyment beating him with a chair. Then Pooty shows up and calls on The Spam Witch to give them the answer to defeating the Heck Army. After some brief miscommunication, they close the portal to Heck and Taxidermy and his friends arrive and slaughter the rest of the army. Finally as Lenore is getting bored Ragamuffin turns back into his doll form once again.
  • Hickory Dickory Dock- Retelling of Hickory Dickory Dock with a Lenore twist.
  • Things Involving Me-Roman tells the story of his trip to Norway and the true story about how he lost his underwear tag to a naked Norwegian.







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