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Lenny is one of Homer's fellow-workers on the Springfield's Power Plant, alongside Carl. Carl is also a member of the StoneCutters in which his number of hierarchy is #12 which means he's one of the most important members. Once, Bart paid 1000 $ to Lenny and Carl to convince them to kiss each other. In many episodes, Lenny and Carl act like homosexuals but there are mentions of their wives and kids in various episodes.  One of Lenny's more astounding feats is his carving of Carl's head in a big mountain, now known as Mt. Carl.  Evern though Lenny is a low level employee at the plant, he once had it all!  Lenny is put in charge of the plant, replacing Mr. Burns.  However, his reign of terror quickly ends, upon Mr. Burns return.  Lenny changes appartments often.  He used to live on the other side of a racketball court!  Marge Simpson likes Lenny, along with the Simpson children.  Whenever they hear that something bad has happened to him, they say, "Not Lenny!"

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