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In the pre-crisis era Lena Luthor was the youngest sister of Lex Luthor and she lived with her father, Jules. When Lex became a criminal, the family changed their names to Thorul.


In this universe Lena Luthor is the little sister of Lex Luthor and daughter of Lionel Luthor. Unlike the other version of Lena she grew up with Lex until he left Smallville. Lena is also an invalid and her daughter Lori is always taking care of her. When Lori became friends with Superboy and eventually kissed him, she brought him to visit her house. A few minutes later Lex appears with kryptonite in his hands claiming that he can cure his little sister, Lex cures Lena but then undoes his cure just to prove to Superboy that he can kill Superman.

Nowadays Lena is under care of the Wayne Enterprises doctors.

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