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She was named after Lex Luthor's foster sister, Lena Thorul, who had been killed by their foster father, Cassy Griggs. After Lena's birth, Lex took advantage of Coutessa Erica Del Portenza's wish to be unconscious at child birth by keeping her permanently drugged and unconscious at his corporate headquaters, not wishing to share his daughter's love with anyone else. When Brainiac 13 arrives from the 64th century, the modern Brainiac possesses the infant Lena to escape it. Evan after Brainiac leaves Lena's body, Luthor trades her to Brainiac 13 for control of the future technology that has transformed Metropolis. Lena returns to visit Lex during the Our Worlds at War crossover, where she has apparently been aged by Brainiac 13. Lena plays a sneaky role during the event, helping Luthor and his allies beat Imperiex by feeding her information, while secretly manipulating events to benefit Brainiac 13. She is ultimately convinced at the end to side with her father. At the end of the crossover, Brainiac 12 and Imperiex are both destroyed, and Lena is regressed to infanthood and returned by her father by Superman, who tells Luthor that he now has a second chance to try to be a man instead of a god. Following Our Worlds At War, Lena appears infrequently, sometimes shown as still Brainiac discs on her forehead. In the Superman's Metropolis miniseries, the artificial intelligence controlling the B-13 technology believes itself to be Lena Luthor. When it creates a human body (female, but bald) to pursue a romantic romantic relationship with Jimmy Olsen, Superman confronts her with the real Lena Luthor, making her realize her personality is a computer simulation of Lena's. Lena has not appeared since Luthor lost the presidency, and her current status is unknown.

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