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A Chinese-British woman, a MI-6 agent and is a former love interest of both Shang-Chi and Clive Reston. In her first appearance, Leiko Wu is relaxing in Reston's bath tub when he and the visiting Shang-Chi enter. She insinuates a romantic past with Reston, but that the relationship is over. She becomes embroiled in a conflict against the robot-obsessed villain Mordillo. Leiko Wu subsequently becomes a key ally of Shang-Chi.


After being pursued through the streets of London's Chinatown by the Shadow Ghosts, Leiko Wu is dismembered by Razor-Fist. She is later resurrected by Midnight Sun's ritual, channeling the spiritual powers of her ancestors.

Alternate Realities

Earth-1610. Leiko also exists in the Ultimate universe as a love interest for Shang-Chi, though she is not a secret agent.

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