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Lei Wulong seems to be based on Jackie Chan, with situations similar to Jackie's movie roles. Lei Wulong's fighting style consists of the Five Animal System (Dragon, Snake, Tiger, Leopard, Crane), Drunken-style kung fu, and self-taught Kempo.


Lei Wulong is a Namco Bandai character who originated in the Tekken video game franchise. His first appearance in a comic is with Tekken Forever #1. Lei's first video game appearance is in the popular sequel to the debut Tekken game, Tekken 2.

Major Story Arcs

Lei fights against the army of Jacks. When they are being flanked and a good Jack named Gun Jack is malfunctioning, Lei orders a retreat to a nearby temple, but the men are afraid because nobody leaves the temple alive. Lei investigates the situation and finds his old police partner Bryan Fury, now a cyborg, standing amongst the bodies. Bryan defeats Lei, but is attacked by Yoshimitsu to save Lei's life. When Lei regains consciousness, he tag-teams with Yoshimitsu to defeat Bryan.

Other Media

Video Games

Tekken 2

Lei enters the Iron Fist Tournament in hopes of arresting Kazuya Mishima and Bruce Irvin, who are involved in drug sales.

Tekken 3

Lei hunts his old partner Bryan Fury for his crimes, and all leads point to the Iron Fist Tournament.

Tekken 4

Lei has lost his girlfriend who dumped him because Lei is a workaholic. Also Lei's colleague reports that Lei's personal life affects his job, and Lei is temporarily suspended. Lei however still investigates Syndicate affairs, and learns that they have hired an assassin to kill a boxer named Steve Fox in the next Iron Fist Tournament. Lei enters the tournament to stop the assassin, but then drops out to pursue her. The assassin turns out to be Nina Williams, the target's mother. Lei foils the hit and reveals the Syndicate's plots, and the police welcome him back.

Tekken 5

Lei investigates attacks on dojos in China and then hears of similar incidents in Japan. He travels there and concludes that the attacker is most likely to enter the upcoming Iron Fist Tournament. He signs himself up, and returns to Hong Kong when the trail grows cold.

Tekken 6

Lei finds his country in chaos, with heavy rioting. Learning that Mishima Financial Group is behind this, Lei enters the tournament in hopes of arresting the leader, Jin Kazama.

Tekken Tag Tournament

His ending Movie showed him training and his first show of Turn Over Kicks.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Lei's own ending showed him sparring with Marshall Law is his restaurant. He also arrested Ganryu for voyeurism on Julia Chang, and pulled Hwoarang over for speeding with motorcycle.


Lei Wulong was partnered with Jun Kazama to investigate to Mishima Zaibatsu.

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