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Childhood and Formation

Legs' real name is Rebecca Weaver the "Legs" nickname is given to her during the years spent in prison. Rebecca is the daughter of a noble and rich family, she spends his childhood sadly, without love and attention.

Because of her family environment that she develop a weak and fearful personality and also various psychosomatic disorder such a dyslexia and asymmetry. in order to resolve this problems at majority she enrolls the "Rogers Academy", a military School founded with the purpose of forming culturally and physically bodyguards, private investigators and those that in the future want to become a special agents.

At the academy Legs show a great propensity to use weapon and military equipment in general,but she lacks in all the other subjects.

Only with the help of is roommate Sybyl Danning she can fill her gaps.

Because of a series of machinations of Corinne Lawrence, Rebecca left the school and Marry Corinne's Father Oliver Lawrence owner of the Military Institute.

The Prison and the "Agenzia Alfa"

But the Marriage is short because Corrinne kills her father, Rebecca the widow is unjustly accused and imprisoned for the murder of her husband. In prison Rebecca change her personality she became Rude, morose and solitary, during the years of detention she was given the nickname "Legs" for her physical strength and her ability to run away when the things got bad .

Determined to make a clean break with the past, Legs agrees to work for the Private Agency Alpha, in exchange for a reduction of the sentence that will allow her to leave the prison. Within the Agency, Legs immediately stands out for her expeditious manner, sometimes rude but always correct. With the passage of time she also show a real sensitive side of her personality.

Legs is gay, during the series she have different relation but the first stable is with Janet Blaise actually her partner. Despite gay Legs sometimes gives some passionate kiss to her neighbor Rick or at Sigmund Baginov the computers genius of the Agenzia Alfa although this scenes are shown with more irony than with romance. In some occasion, her sexuality has been conditioned to the point of making her straight.

Nathan Never kiss Legs

During the comic she is attracted by the Indian prince Ali El Bashir an also by Nathan Never (for him she feels a strong bond of friendship and respect).

Legs (Rebecca) currently lives in the remote town of Sandville along with some new friends and Janet Blaise that helped to escape from a base where she was a prisoner of the secret service.

Today Legs and his group, wanted by the army, make a living through a new private agency.


Legs Weaver is a character of the " Nathan Never" Universe, she is one of the skillful special agent of the Alfa Agency, and one of the loyal mission partner of Nathan in several stories of the comic. She is also the protagonist of the comics with the same name "Legs Weaver".

Legs made her debut in 1991 on the first number of Nathan Never, "Agente Speciale Alfa". the character is inspired for is strength and is strong personality at Ellen Ripley , protagonist of "Alien" the movie, interpreted by Sigourney Weaver which also takes some physical characteristics (Black Hair ...) and the surname.

Issue n. 1

The first issue of the comic completely dedicated to her is released in 1995 with the title "Le Dame Nere" . The cover is of Mario Atzori like in all the other issue of the comics.This First issue is present like a parody of the sexism and feminism following the trend of the magazine in its early day is full of exaggeration and grotesque characterizations.

The " Legs Weaver" comics had a good following initially but in the 2005 for low sales the publisher Bonelli was forced to stop the printing. After that Legs Weaver is fully reintegrated in the "Nathan Never" comic with the "Speciale Nathan Never" n.16 .

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