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An End of an Era and Zero Hour crossover issue. The 30th century is falling apart. Past and present Legionnaires, as well as their SW6 counterparts, team up to try to stop what they think is the cause: the team-up of villains Glorith and Mordru. The two villains have absorbed the powers of the Infinite Man, and now wish to resculpt the universe in their image. The Legionnaires attack, as their members continue to fade from reality. In order to prevent the two Legions from stopping them, Glorith and Mordru create their own Legion. Meanwhile, Cosmic Boy is trapped in the Infinite Library, where he spends lifetimes learning about time and space; and in the 20th century, the stranded SW6 Cosmic Boy, Live Wire, and Saturn Girl are summoned by Superman to join the other heroes to fight the temporal rifts.

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