The Future of X-MEN LEGACY is Marvel NOW!

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The Future of X-MEN LEGACY Is Marvel NOW!

Superstars Simon Spurrier & Tan Eng Huat Introduce The Future Of Mutantkind!

This November, prepare for an all new chapter of the X-Men mythos in X-Men Legacy #1, kicking off the all-new ongoing series from acclaimed writer Simon Spurrier and Eisner Award Winning artist Tan Eng Huat! Legion, the most powerful and unstable mutant in the world and son to Professor Charles Xavier, has killed gods and reshaped the face of the universe. NOW! in the aftermath of Avengers vs. X-Men, Legion will finally attempt to conquer his demons and establish his place among mutantkind!

An all-new direction! All-new threats! All-new vision! This is X-Men Legacy NOW!

This November, Simon Spurrier and Tan Eng Huat redefine what it means to be an X-Man in X-Men Legacy #1!

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#2 Posted by Danial79 (2520 posts) - - Show Bio

How much gel must Legion use to get his hair looking like that every morning :)

#3 Posted by Jonny_Anonymous (40003 posts) - - Show Bio

I liked #1

#4 Posted by LoganX360 (141 posts) - - Show Bio

i dont see a noob writer like Simon Spurrier doing any good to a high level character in the marvel universe . Legacy should be left alone to his creator & original artists . to the previous posts, legion doesn't need gel that is high level TK Legion could be the total sum of Charles experience putting blocks in peoples minds & destroying villains like Shadow King & alikes . being passed on to his offspring . so who knows maybe a lil bit of cyclops blocked memories living as a persona inside the mind of legion & his thousands of personalities .

#5 Posted by thveej (203 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't know about this..... could be cool, but they are already a lot of great comics coming out each week. Maybe if Marvel wasn't doing bi weekly for a lot of upcoming titles I would give it a try, but right now I haven't seen anything that tells me I need to be reading Legacy. 

#6 Posted by Yung ANcient One (5059 posts) - - Show Bio
I hope Marvel is trying to make Legion a good Guy that would be AWEsome. (+)
#7 Posted by pixelized (49086 posts) - - Show Bio

I thought Hope was supposed to be the "future of mutankind," this can't be a recurring theme.

#8 Posted by geoff2005 (213 posts) - - Show Bio

trailer made me want to read it even less

#9 Posted by ThePRez (460 posts) - - Show Bio

wow no comic vine quote. What a bummer

#10 Posted by hazmat103 (63 posts) - - Show Bio

i can't take him serious with that hair.

#11 Posted by GreenFuse (301 posts) - - Show Bio

@pixelized said:

I thought Hope was supposed to be the "future of mutankind," this can't be a recurring theme.

It will be revealed that Hope is really one of Legion's alters O.O

#12 Posted by randalmeister (86 posts) - - Show Bio

I liked that trailer more than I liked #1 but I'll give Spurrier a few issues to sell me on it.

#13 Posted by G-Man (39038 posts) - - Show Bio

@ThePRez: We gave it a 3/5.

#14 Posted by Turkeysammich (47 posts) - - Show Bio

At least they are trying to promote a character that isn't A-List for once. I thought issue one was decent, not great. Hard to keep it on my pull list with issues coming out twice a month, but I want to try.

#15 Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus (6958 posts) - - Show Bio

Isn't Legion an Omega Level Mutant? I've always had discussions with my friends at just how powerful this guy is. I wanna try this series out now...

#16 Posted by lykopis (10868 posts) - - Show Bio

I like it. I think Legion is an incredibly interesting character.

#17 Posted by That60sGuy (317 posts) - - Show Bio

X-Men Legacy #1 was one of the worst issues I've read all year and by far the worst Marvel NOW! #1. I gave it 2/5 in my review (and 0.5 of that is for the ending otherwise it would have been 1.5/5!). I think CBR gave 0.5/5. The art is inconsistent and the story begins in such a boring way I regretted buying this within 2 pages. YAWN FEST!

#18 Posted by benzino_x (46 posts) - - Show Bio

I just said it before in here somewhere and it seems that the only subject I post on is Legion =:]

Issue one on new X-Men Legacy is my first encounter with Legion and I'm already a fan of the character. I'm a little bit surprise by the (mostly) negative reaction to the comic, and I hope it will change.

I'm not sure what the sales are for the issue 1, but I really HOPE people are buying it and the story will continue.

Great trailer too.

#19 Posted by mettlekm (419 posts) - - Show Bio

@LoganX360 said:

i dont see a noob writer like Simon Spurrier doing any good to a high level character in the marvel universe . Legacy should be left alone to his creator & original artists .

So only Chris Claremont, as creator, should write about him?

#20 Posted by Baberaham_Lincoln (949 posts) - - Show Bio

@G-Man: this deserved a 3.5 or 4 imo.... why?? cause i'm happy that Marvel is trying to develop forgotten characters of the past i mean... Legion never had a major role in Marvel before AVX (besides Age of X and i think the X-men Legacy arc, lost legion), so yeah i'm just glad to see Legion have some time in the spot light =)

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