Is Legion Lost?

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(pun on recent story arc not intended) Now that X-Men Legacy appears to have shunted Legion and Prof X from their roster - where is he? I thought he was a neat character to explore, but right after I got back into comics X-Men Legacy finished up Legions Lost, went to the Star Jammers arc, and then completely changed post-Schism. I haven't seen him in any of the other books so far, although Astonishing hasn't really had its post-Schism reboot yet. Maybe Legion will be chillin with Gamit (who Marjorie Liu said is starring in Astonishing once she gets control).

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I thought this was for LoSH

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xavier & legion will prbably return soon.... shyt if magik used legion to destroy the elder gods why would xavier not use him to help/save jean in the same way.... just a thought

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After he was finally restored with all of his missing personalities, Xavier took himself & his son off Rogue's team to spend some quality time together & focus on his therapy. Pretty natural considering everything he'd been through. But since we have Blindfold at the Jean Grey School (who is still angry at Legion or destroying reality... twice) and Xavier seems to have travelled to Westchester, then there's always a chance he'll be back for more ramifications.

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@spiderbat87 said:

I thought this was for LoSH

So did I >__>

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He was always a fringe character, he's not likely to appear again for a while.


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