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How should the other personality images be treated? Should they be put with his Images and just have a special gallery or do the characters deserve their own pages (I hope not), Thanks
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Why not just mark out each, separate  personality with the caption?

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I'd agree with John above, add the image to Legion's gallery or create a subset gallery for his different personalities and tag them with a caption.

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@John Valentine said:
"Why not just have each separate personality image be marked out in the caption? "

Yep.  After all, he now has thousands of personalities.  Most of them don't even have names.  We can't create a sub-gallery for each of them.
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So create a gallery "Alternate Personalities" and in the caption put the name?
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I don't think there's any need.  So far there are only four images that show his personalities (and one of those has most of them from a distance).  So far we can only name Jack Wayne (although I suspect that the punk blonde chick is meant to be Cyndi)...  


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