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The black-and-white series from writer/creator Kris Silver and artist Brandon McKinney focuses on a tem of US government sanctioned superhumanly powered individuals or "super-heroes" who are assigned to take on treats that are beyond the capacities of normal authorities to handle. It was published by Silverwolf Comics. However the company ceased publication in 1987, but re-emerged as Greater Mercury Comics in 1989, publishing more material and characters created by Silver, until GMC ceased publishing in the early 1990s. Greater Mercury comics only ran Legion X I for only a few issues.


The core members would consist the winged Blue Falcon, also the field leader. Lord Stingray another flying hero who would be co-captain to the team. Port the teleporter and already a well known hero. The powerfully armored Silver Knight. Lava and Flair two fire wielding young heroes. The aggressive fighter calling himself Death Lord. The cyborg Mech-Man, more machine than human anymore. The charismatic martial artist named Chance. And finally the willowy and silent White Ghost. Several other members that were still in training would later be part of outings. This would finalize the main operatives of the team however unknown to the team another group would be also sanctioned, this deadlier team would be called Legion x 2.

On the first assignment the Legionnaires the team were given orders to contain the vigilante going by the name of Grips. Disgusted with Grips bloody method of handling crime, Legion X I attempts to take him down after one of his bloodbaths. Following him to the rooftop of a building downtown the Legionnaires present themselves to grips. However Grips shows to be a much more vicious fighter than even they imagined and the fight ends with disastrous results. Then, enter the second team of government run teams Legion X 2. Much more vicious than their counterparts they also are beaten by Grips who escapes their capture.

A later personal battle between Legion X I and Legion X 2 that determines which group retains the premier position for the government and their headquarters. However the government quickly terminates the fight informing them all that each group taps into a deferent method of assignments.

The group of extra terrestrials whom united together and have been named the Eradicators are the next assignment that Legion X I is sent to bring in. However even though a team is sent to complete the assignment the Eradicators end up beating the Legion X I members. The Legionnaires regroup and then locate and renew their attack against the Eradicators. However, Blue Falcon has found the true reason that the government wishes to capture the Eradicators is to secure the aliens forcibly obtain any of the sophisticated alien science for national defense purposes. The end of the Eradicators vs. The Legion X I story which then leads into the cataclysmic Legion X-2. Blue Falcon has arrived to bring news of his findings to the rest of his team, but he is far too late. The Eradicators have been defeated and captured and the government begins the process of interrogating the aliens.

The later exploits of the Legionnaires were never resolved because the company which ran the series cancelled publications.

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