starkiller809's Legion: Secret Origin #4 - Coming Together review

This Legion's Not a Secret

Paul Levitz and Chris Batista have promised to bring us the secret origin of the Legion in only a six issue miniseries. We are more then halfway done with this mini. Did they make good use of it?
The art in this issue is still the same greatness the past issue have. We get to see characters emotions and the lines are well defined. There is also a good bit of detail in the backgrounds and I think it gives the comic more value. The story is great. I really love seeing the characters interact. I'm a huge fan of the Legion and seeing all of the characters together is a great sight. I also really like how they are laying the ground work for the secret reveal of the bad guy.
I had the same issue with last weeks Legion of Super-Heroes #5. I like the characters interacting, but I don't feel that anything important happened. We really only got to see the Legion fight small parts of their base. I feel that could've used this space for something more exciting.
THE VERDICT: 3/5 (Okay)
Paul Levitz and Chris Batista are coming through with their promise with telling the secret origin. While this issue wasn't the best it was still great in an overall story. I really wish that something that would happen fast because I'm getting kinda tired of seeing nothing huge happen. If you are going to read this whole series, this issue is something you are going to want. If you need to save a few dollars, this might be a issue to cut. 

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