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When the Brain Globes of Rambat threatened to conquer the Earth and move it through space to their home purple sun, the Legion of Super Heroes was helpless. The individual powers of the Legionnaires were insufficient to resist the mental influences of the brain globes.

Through the intervention of Krypto, the LSH realized that the Brain Globes could not affect the minds of a Super animal. As there were four Brain Globes menacing the Earth, the LSH selected four super animals from across time to form a so called Legion of Super Pets and defeat them: Krypto, Streaky the Super- Cat, Comet the Super-Horse, and Beppo a super-monkey who had survived Krypton in an early test rocket built by Jor-El.

Together these "pets" defeated the Brain Globes and the team continued in a semi - official existence.

The Legion of Super-pets was named after the Legion of Super-Heroes, they even inducted Proty II, (the pet of Legionnaire Chameleon Boy ) as a member. The pets were often instrumental in helping the Legion win against their enemies such as in the battle against Satan Girl. When the Legion of Super-heroes had to lose a member for tax purposes the Pets stopped Supergirl leaving and eventually it was decided that Superboy would leave.

DC Super Friends

A group of Super Pets appear in DC Super Friends #14. That team consisted of Krypto, Streaky, Beppo, Ace the Bat-Hound, Aquaman's pet octopus Topo, and Jumpa the Amazonian kangaroo. The group is led by Green Lantern Ch'p. At the end, Flash gets his own pet: a turtle named Whatzit.

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