What Keeps You Away?

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The Legion of Super-Heroes first appeared in Adventure Comics #247. Otto Binder and Al Plastino created them for a single adventure; however, the team proved popular and was given another appearance just twenty issues later. They were very popular and continued to be popular for quite some time. However, things have changed for the Legion of Super-Heroes; they don’t sell as well as other superhero teams. Because they are my favorite team, I want to know why.

The Legion of Super-Heroes has a very long and complicated continuity. It has been rebooted several times. It also has a very large roster filled with different Legionnaires. There are also several different things going on in the team. These are a lot of the things I hear about the team; and honestly, they are all true.

However, this is what gives the Legion something that some teams don’t have. The characters interact like real human beings. They have relationships that end and some of them just don’t get along with each other. Also, if you don’t like a certain character, there are always forty more you can watch and relate to. They are all so different that you are bound to find one that you enjoy reading.

The many things going on is something about the Legion that I really like. Some plots are weak. This happens in Legion stories and other comics; however, in Legion, if you don’t like a certain plot, there are three more that are going on. This is good for people who like a fast-pasted story and some great action scenes. These many plots going on also allow a lot of slight character development for all the characters.

The continuity of the Legion is one of the only things I can’t defend. There have been a few version of the team that is almost identical to one another. This is what kept me away from the Legion. However, one day I just picked up issues and read them. I enjoyed them and just started studying the team. So, I would suggest that when you are reading the team, just forget about everything that has happened in that universe and focus on what is happening now.

I want to know why you aren’t read the Legion of Super-Heroes. If it’s the characters, there is Legion Lost that has a much smaller cast and a smaller story. If you are not reading the Legion of Super-Heroes, what keeps you reading them? I will always be a Legion fan and I find the team interesting and fun to read. Please respond and tell me why you are, or not reading the Legion of Super-Heroes.

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For the longest time it was simply the lame character names that all end in -boy, -girl, -lad, -lass, etc. It seemed like whatever power they had plus a gender specific suffix attached telling me they are children.

I recently started with the New 52. Giving it a shot.

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@jloneblackheart: I'm glad that you are giving it a chance. Hope your enjoying it so far.
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@StarKiller809 said:

@jloneblackheart: I'm glad that you are giving it a chance. Hope your enjoying it so far.

I thought the third issue was the best yet. Going to pick up trades from the last volume also.

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@jloneblackheart: I have them and I'm hoping to get the Lightning Saga, Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes. I already have Legion of Three Worlds.
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@StarKiller809: Actually, i like the names, lad, lass, boy, girl etc, shows that they don't get caught up in trying to make their characters too cool for school, what has gotten me hung up is like you said, the continuity, i've been reading DC for years, and this is the only title that i have no idea where to jump on at, even with the reboot, they don't bother introducing the characters like other reboot titles but just jump into a story, LOSH only caters to people already fans of the series
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I also started in with the new 52.  Not sure if I like it yet.  

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@The Stegman: Exactly. Legion fans love it, but others who haven't been reading don't get it. I would really recommend a few trades. 
@RazzaTazz: I haven't been enjoying it a whole lot either. I really hope that it gets to what I really want to see from my favorite team. I think it's just trying to get the stories and characters going. I really liked how they incorporate things from the previous run.
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@StarKiller809: incorporating things from the previous run is actually what is losing me
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Honestly and not to be a jerk but a complete lack of interest in the concept

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@RazzaTazz: Yeah. I think that is what they did wrong at this #1. This was suppose to be the place where readers would jump on. So, why would the incorporate things from the previous run? I enjoy it but new readers, like yourself, don't know what happened. 
@BlackArmor: Understandable.
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The same thing as many comics I read a bit of that hold interest on me. I can't read every comic and it hangs just low enough on that list to be off the pull list. Nothing more or less. Though I'm getting the IDW Star Trek cross-over since ST is high on the ladder, so there it is.

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The main reason I don't read Legion books is because all of them eventually become irrelevant. The characters supposedly know the future (or their history) but because of new story lines and major cross over events, what they "know" eventually becomes false and, ergo, irrelevant. Also, I think time travel really ruins the integrity of a story. If comics are going to continue to do time travel, they need to do it like the new Star Trek movie, or have it where the person that time travels did so only because history dictates that they must do so. Otherwise, traveling back in time to warn someone of something or to prevent something from happening would mean that that which they prevent never occurred and therefore, their future self would have no memory of that thing happening and history would hold no record of it. The best example of time travel I've seen in comics was in Amazing Spider-Man in the two part story "I Killed Tomorrow" (678-679). That is how time travel should be in all comics.

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@supermanprime6: The Legion isn't all about time travel, y'know.
That said, LSH volumes 6 and 7 have been rather sub-par to me.
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Because Mark Waid made the team one of the best groups ever in comics.  

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@Izaiah: Oh yeah, I know. I love the characters (minus some of the naming). My favorite DC cartoon besides batman beyond was the legion of superheroes.

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They haven't been interesting in a LONG time. I feel back fromthe book in the 90s , they peaked with The Great Darkness Saga.

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The constant rebooting and trying to tie it closely to the present day.

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@The Stegman: They released a whole mini series introducing the LoSH

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I have a million other comics to get. I have read a few legion-stories (those that were reprinted to Steve Ditko omnibus 2), but they were pretty boring. well, one of those ones was more interesting than the others. The story from this issue. It helped that it`s written by J. M. Dematteis, whose writing I like.

Maybe some day I`ll read more of these guys and gals. I just need a story that interests me enough.

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For me it has been the continuity. I started reading about them in the DC Encyclopedia and some of them seemed interesting (mainly Brainiac 5) then I tried to read on in the Internet and I was just confused. Another thing is I really like to see things in the present DC universe and the Legion doesn't seem to have any links to the main DC universe. I know early on Superman was part of the team (the Silver and Bronze age stories sounds interesting) and Brainiac 5 has come to the present DCU a couple times, but other than that there aren't really any links. I really want to get into them though. I might try to get some old school Legion comics. I was watching the Bruce Timm Superman show recently (the one where Supes meet the Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, and Chameleon Boy) and that has sparked some interest.

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The legion of superheroes is awesome. mark Waid's run is my favorite and great for new readers.

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The legion of superheroes is awesome. mark Waid's run is my favorite and great for new readers.

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