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ok, so i want to start reading legion. the idea interests me and i liked the characters from a few quest appearances i have seen them in. i have heard that the continuity is a nightmare and when i tried to google it i just ended up more confused. i wanted to try it after the relaunch but i was told that it is just a continuation from another series. can someone help me? explain the different versions of the team, when they appear and why. a place to start reading would also be appreciated. thanx.

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Alright, I'll try to explain as non-confusingly as possible, starting with the different continuities.

  • Legion 1.0:  This was the original, Silver Age Legion. SA-Superboy, SA-Supergirl, and SA-Mon-El were included among its members.  This was set in the 30th century of Silver Age Earth-One.
  • Legion 1.1:  This continuity followed mostly the same line as Legion 1.0, picking up after Crisis on Infinite Earths.  SA-Mon-El and SA-Superboy were still members (though SA-Supergirl was not mentioned to exist here, I think), but were retconned into being from the 'Pocket Universe' created by the Time Trapper.  SA-Superboy was killed in action shortly after.  This continuity was set in the 30th century of the mainstream DC Universe.
  • Legion 1.2:  Also called the 'Mordruverse'.  This continuity is the result of Time Trapper's death (at SA-Mon-El's hand), unravelling everything he did, including the Pocket Universe (and thus Mon-El and SA-Superboy).  No Legion exists in this continuity, and thus Mordru is the ruler of the known universe in the 30th century.  Glorith, however, uses magic to again modify the timeline, creating...
  • Legion 1.3:  Also called the 'Glorithverse'.  This continuity was based on one similar to Legions 1.0 and 1.1 (though picking up five years later after the last series ended).  SA-Superboy, SA-Mon-El and SA-Supergirl did not exist here, the void they left in continuity were filled by Valor (Mon-El's new guise) and Laurel Gand.  Similarly, Glorith took Time Trapper's place in continuity.  This continuity was meant to be set in the 30th century of the mainstream DC Universe, but ceased to exist in Zero Hour.
  • Legion 2.0:  a.k.a. 'Post-Zero Hour', 'Reboot', 'Postboot', 'Earth-247' or 'Archie Legion'.  A total reboot, starting over from the beginning.  PF (Pre-Flashpoint) Superboy/Kon-El was a member of the team.  This continuity seems to have ceased to exist, even if the Legionnaires still live, calling themselves 'The Wanderers' (as of 'Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds').
  • Legion 3.0:  a.k.a. 'Reimagining', 'Threeboot' or 'Earth-Prime'.  Another total reboot, although the series is set roughly two years after the team was founded.  PF-Supergirl/Kara Zor-El was a member of the team after Infinite Crisis.  'Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds' asserts that this continuity is set on 31st century Earth-Prime (nevermind how little sense that makes).
  • Legion 1.4:  a.k.a. 'Retroboot'.  This continuity is based on Legion 1.0, with PF-Mon-El, PF-Supergirl/Kara Zor-El and Superman (both PF and DCnU versions) replacing their Silver Age counterparts.  This is apparently set in the 31st centuries of both PF-New Earth/Earth-0 and the DCnU.


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you are a legend, thanks for that. think i will start at the tital/legion special. 1 more question, what version were in supergirl? it was around issue 20 i think, she recocnised them(im assuming from supergirl and the legion) but they didnt know her.

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@scuzz2.0: Karate Kid and Una of Legion 1.4 were in Supergirl #21 and 22, Kara mistakenly assumed they were their Legion 3.0 counterparts.
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thanks again. you rule!

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I liked part of Legion 2.0. The "Archie" Legion had some nice costume designs.

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I would say new 52 legion is a fine place to start you wont need much more than some google searches, but not too many.

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