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Story 1: Secrets Within The Star

The Legion Espionage Squad decide it is time to rescue Chameleon Boy from his undercover mission, since he has been gone for so long. With the help of Dawnstar, they are able to track Chameleon Boy down and he tells the Espionage Squad how he was tracking the exploits of Starfinger for a long time and how he has Colossal Boy captive. Meanwhile, Starfinger explains to Colossal Boy how he was the first person that Colossal Boy and Gigi Cusimano captured when they were amateur Science Police officers. He continues to explain how he found the Starfinger ring and was able to summon both Starlight and Starbright as his minions. The Espionage Squad finally invade Starfinger's lair and free Colossal Boy and a fight ensues. Colossal Boy, at the computer controls, was able to summon Dawnstar as well as the Science Police, who make quick work of Starfinger's gang. Starfinger, unable to face another defeat, disappears with his ring, which is now held under tight surveillance.

Story 2: Sunset, Sunrise

Dream Girl and Atmos experience a romantic vacation.

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