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Saturn Girl is ready to give birth to her child. On Medicus One, Lightning Lad is in a rush to by his wife's side when a doctor asks him to come with him for a moment. The doctor is revealed to be Starfinger in disguise, but Lightning Lad is able to stop him. Meanwhile, a group of Legionnaires go to the planet of Avalon to find if Mordru is still within his earthen prison. When they arrive there, they realize he isn't and alert their teammates. A group of Mordru's followers released his body and are using their magic to revive him. The Legionnaires board spacecrafts and fly in space when Shadow Lass is magically kidnapped and teleported to where Mordru and his followers are, as well as Shadow Lad from the Legion Academy. The servants of Mordru believe the darkness power of Shadow Lass and Shadow Lad could help revive Mordru, and they are correct, as a darkness covers the galaxy. The darkness reaches Medicus One just as Saturn Girl gives birth to her child. The Legion arrive to Mordru's side and defeat his servants before they can fully revive Mordru, and the darkness dissipates. Saturn Girl gives birth to her new son, Graym, and is surprised to find that he wasn't a pair of twins since she believed she felt two mental presences with her. Meanwhile, Darkseid has Saturn Girl's second child and names him Validus, sending him in the past and transforming him.

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