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Karate Kid and Queen Projectra are getting married on her home planet of Orando and the Legion of Super-Heroes are invited. While most of the Legionnaires make it without a hitch, a squad of members arriving in a spacecraft are caught in a backlash when Superboy travels through the time barrier and towards Orando. The spacecraft is thrown back in time and lands on Earth 2000 BC. The crashed Legion members, who include Star Boy, Dream Girl, White Witch, Cosmic Boy and Ultra Boy, try to find a way to travel through time again but with their current resources, the likelihood of that occurring does not look promising. They soon meet the Olympic gods but Dream Girl is able to quickly realize that they are actually Durlans, a race of shapeshifting aliens. The Legion and the Durlans posing as gods fight in a battle and rush the Durlans off the planet. Before too long, Chameleon Boy arrives after tracking his missing teammates down and saves them in time to make it to Karate Kid and Queen Projectra's wedding.

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