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Darkseid, the ruler of Apokolips, kidnapped one of Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl's babies, since she gave birth to twins, without them knowing. He sent this child, Validus, into the past and transformed him so he would eventually grow to become Validus of the Fatal Five. Ol-Vir, the Daxamite that worships Darkseid, has been sending tokens around to villainous beings with Darkseid's face so they could be allowed to enter a sort of conference that would see the revival of Darkseid. Some Legionaires catch wind of events and raid the gathering. Ol-Vir and Validus escape to Rimbor, where they cause some more damage, and other Legionnaires arrive to stop him, even though they are able to escape again. This time they go to Winath, where Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl are raising their son Graym. Validus holds Graym in his hand and Lightning Lad is ready to let loose a deadly charge of electricity when Saturn Girl stops him, telepathically learning that Validus is their child as well. Miraculously, as if a gift from Darkseid, Validus transforms into a small child at the age he is supposed to be. Lightning Lad realizes that Ol-Vir, and Darkseid, intended Lightning Lad to kill his very own son as a sort of twisted jest. Ol-Vir soon breaks down to dust, thanks to the will of Darkseid, and Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad's family has added one new addition.

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