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While the majority of the Legion of Super-Heroes are actively patrolling the transfer of some prisoners in Takron-Galtos, the five Legionnaires left behind decide to try to solve one of their ongoing mysteries. Magnetic Kid, being one of the newest members of the Legion, is asked to choose which mission to solve and he chooses the shooting of Laurel Kent. The five Legionnaires slowly gather clues and Brainiac 5 is able to deduce that the person who shot Laurel Gand is continuing his murder. Figuring out the next potential victims, including the Tornado Twins, descendants of the Flash, the Legion goes about to trace the attack back to its source. Chameleon Boy uses stealth to follow an attacking robot back to its home, a cryogenic facility. The Legion realizes that the victims are all descendants of the Justice League from the 20th century and learn that the perpetrator is one of their old foes. The Legion is able to defeat the robot, solving the crime.

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