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The entire Legion succumbs to the Emerald Eye's power, kicking off an all-new direction for the heroes of the future.

The Legion of Super-Heroes have been possessed by the Emerald Eye. Saturn Girl is able to exert her will and free herself but is unable to save the others. She retreats to Legion headquarters, finding the staff overwhelmed with calls for help and the news about Leviathan's death. Saturn Girl locates Workforcer Inferno, the ghostly Apparition, and the de-aged Shvaughn Erin and invites them to join her on a strike against the Emerald Legion. Those Legionnaires, meanwhile, have begun to use the Eye's power to reshape the Earth in their image and taken home in a giant satellite. Saturn Girl's team attacks during the middle of a power struggle between Violet and Kinetix, freeing Violet's will long enough for her to wish upon the Eye that she could travel back in time to undo this. The satellite explodes.

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