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A ZERO HOUR tie-in! "End of an Era" part 6, continued from VALOR #23. As ZERO HOUR descends on the 30th century, the Time Trapper returns. Only one member of the Legion of Super-Heroes is left standing to confront him...and the Trapper's been waiting for him!

An End of an Era and Zero Hour crossover issue. The adult Legion of Super-Heroes and their Legionnaire SW6 counterparts stand united to face the collapse of their timeline, only to find themselves the last beings in the galaxy. With the two Legions trapped on a crumbling Pocket Earth, the Time Trapper approaches them, revealing himself to be one of their own. We find that Time Trapper created the SW6 Legionnaires in order to help protect the timestream, but his plan failed. He tells the Legions that their reality will come to an end. The Legions resolve to merge with their counterparts to fix the timestream, creating a brand new reality. They say their good-byes and hail one last "Long Live the Legion" as the 30th century fades from the timestream, eaten by the time rift.

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