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Devastated in the aftermath of their epic battle with Glorith, the Legion is faced with a host of startling changes! When the Legion returns to their home base on Talus, the team finds itself ostracized--and wanted for crimes they did not commit!

Returning home after their crippling battle at the hands of Glorith and her age-altering abilities, the Legion finds themselves attacked by U.P. forces and under arrest. Once apprehended, they learn they are being held on charges of treason after footage of the Legion aiding the enemy Khunds was leaked from a recent adventure. Unable to prove their innocence, the Legion is jailed and their allies closely monitored. Only the invisible Jacques Foccart is able to slip past security, freeing his old friends and clueing them in to what they already suspect - they've been set up. The Legionnaires escape, retrieving a cruiser and fleeing toward Rimbor. En route they decide to take on new costumes and codenames to disguise themselves until they can prove their innocence. Until then, they're a Legion on the Run.

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