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Brainiac 5, Mon-El, Saturn Girl and Duo Damsel are able to use a time cube, with the knowledge of Rond Vidar, to travel to the end of time where the Time Trapper resides, taking Rond in tow. The other Legionnaires are shocked and dismayed that only those four have traveled in the future without assistance and realize the conspiracy theory has finally been revealed. The four Legionnaires face Time Trapper but are beaten early, with Mon-El facing defeat and one of Duo Damsel's bodies disintegrating. Time Trapper's attention then focuses on Rond Vidar, who reveals that he has a Green Lantern ring, and is able to fight back for a short time. Brainiac 5 then reveals his secret trump card, the Infinite Man, to battle the Time Trapper. While the Time Trapper is the embodiment of the end of time, the Infinite Man is the embodiment of a perpetual time, so their powers are equally devastating. It appears that the Time Trapper is obliterated and the Legionnaires, thanks to Rond's ring, return to their rightful time and place.

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