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Legion will leave you wanting more..

Finally, a decent true superhero comic that is about superheroes!   
Been awhile since I've picked up a Legion of Super-Heroes comic,  a title I've always been fond of way back when but sadly had not kept up with for some time.   
It appears I've truly been missing out.   
Paul Levitz does a nice job with introducing the characters to any new reader with "bio-boxes".  They aren't intrusive to the art in any fashion and credit should also be given to the artist and letterer for doing them.   

Legion may be a book that not a lot of comic fans are into.  Legion is set in the future, involving characters from various planets, and naturally, there is a strong Sci-Fi element.  Then again, however, a lot of superheroes are Sci-Fi in nature, so if you are thinking because this is a bit of a "cosmic" story you will be put off, I urge you to give this book a read because it may change your mind.   

Without giving too many spoilers, the Legion is on a mission to assist and protect the telepathic race of Titanians, whose ship had come under fire and crash lands on Earth.   There seems to be a lot of contention between Earth natives and "Outworlders", even amongst the team members themselves, and this is where some interesting drama develops.  Drama that isn't done too heavily, it is not too soap opera like at all but is dealt with in a reasonable and realistic manner, at least as realistic one can get for superheroes from the future.    Brainiac 5's actions this time around will make you think twice about him, and also Phantom Girl seems to be acting not very civil towards a new member.  Also, I don't know if Phantom Girl knows how to knock or ask permission to enter someone's living quarters?!? 
Competent art rounds this comic book out.  The covers are absolutely stunning.  The interiors are very good although I did notice some inconsistencies but they are very minor and I doubt many readers will notice.  


Just a quick question which is applicable to the story here: Would YOU refuse to wield a Green Lantern Power Ring if offered to you?    

RATING: 4.5 out of 5.  I would have given the comic a higher rating, but the price and brevity of the story brought it down.   This is applicable to A LOT of comics these days, so it isn't a fault of the creators involved.
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