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A terrorist has caused a fire in a building, and Luornu Durgo (aka Triplicate Girl) helps the Science Police to take her into custody. Triplicate Girl then goes on a date with Element Lad. While flying to an island untouched by explorers, she explains a part of her origin.

How she woke up on her home planet, Cargg, once, to discover that she had no memory of her past, and that the entire planet was devoid of human life, due to some worldwide disaster. That after walking through city ruins she had been approached by a predatory beast, her body had created two duplicates of herself. The predator had run away, just as confused as her. Luornu found that she could split into more replications, and in a while she had rebuilt the cities of Cargg and repopulated the world. But she was still lonely.

The flashback ends with them reaching the island, and Element Lad explains how he is fascinated by change. He then gives her a flower, saying that it's "the rite of vegetation" and then receives a kiss on the cheek from her.

At the Legion Headquarters, Brainiac 5 and Cosmic Boy are talking to Lightning Lad through a comlink. Lightning Lad, being on Rimworld 19 along with Saturn Girl to investigate a post-war area, receives an image of a certain man who's supposedly behind upcoming wars as predicted by Dream Girl (as seen in #2). Lightning Lad doesn't know who it is, but the connection is then broken. Cosmic Boy leaves the room after having a short argument with Brainiac 5, and a shadowed figure asks Brainiac when the next transmatter can be set up.

In the Legion Plaza, Dirk Morgna (aka Sun Boy) and Triplicate Girl play a strange game regarding secret identities, while being watched over by a crowd of unofficial Legionnaires and other various people. Dirk acts like he's not Sun Boy, while Triplicate Girl acts like she knows that Sun Boy and Dirk are the same people and that she can prove it. They're interrupted by Chameleon who assumes Sun Boy's appearance before reverting back to his normal form within seconds. Chameleon leaves, letting Sun Boy and Triplicate Girl have a drink and talk.

Triplicate Girl explains in a flashback how representatives of the United Planets had reached her planet, requesting alliance talks. Luornu decided to send three of her to Earth, claiming that it was to learn more about the UP. In reality, she was more interested in joining the "Legion of Super-Heroes" they had spoken of. She was accepted into the core squad of the Legion, and followed them in battles and experienced new things.

The flashback ends and Sun Boy states that her story is unique, "for someone from a world full of look-alikes", but also that he doesn't really want to talk about himself.

The scene shifts into Invisible Kid, Light Lass and Colossal Boy restoring the burned building. But they are told by a city official that they should stop whatever they were doing, and let actual construction workers restore the building under Science Police standards. Colossal Boy argues about it, but gives up, stating that it's "their loss".

Ultra Boy drives a 21st century-style car, running on fossil fuels, through Metropolis. Having Triplicate Girl beside her, he talks about being an "individual", and that not rules, but conformity "is for chumps".

Not too long afterwards, Ultra Boy and Triplicate Girl make out in her room. In the meantime, her other two duplicates along with Element Lad and Sun Boy show up. The boys run off elsewhere, while the three of Luornu stay in her room.

As a shadowed figure appears, she explains in a third flashback the final part of her origin. After having been with the Legion for a year, the three replications return to Cargg, but since she had changed so much in personality and otherwise, she had become a stranger to her other selves, and had no other choice than going back to Earth.

She explains the ideological differences of the Legion's members to the shadowed figure, and that if they don't start integrating, the Legion would be lucky to survive the next few weeks. The shadow is shown to be Cosmic Boy, the Legion leader. He tells her that he's responsible for an entire generation's right to freedom, that his team has no code or discipline, that Brainiac 5 is arrogant enough to assume that Cosmic Boy won't recognize the start of an internal coup, and that they are facing some kind of disastrous event or series of events on the horizon. He then says that "it's time for stage two".

Ranked #96 in Wizard Magazine's list of "100 Best Single Issues Since You Were Born".

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