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Facing the threat of the end of the world, the Legion of Super-Heroes decide to take the fight straight to Grimbor the Chainsman, the cause behind the destruction of Earth. Grimbor has surrounded the planet Earth with giant chains of energy that are constricting and causing everyone on the planet to lose their air. While Grimbor has enhanced powers thanks to energy crystals, he did not take in account of the interaction of Reflecto, a super hero that has arrived on the scene recently. Grimbor fights against Reflecto and is able to incapacitate him for a short while, but Reflecto wins, passing out. Grimbor believed Reflecto was actually Ultra Boy, due to his past activies of saving and fawning over Phantom Girl, but it is revealed to actually be Superboy! Meanwhile, Karate Kid finds a vulnerable spot in the cosmic chains and is able to destroy them, saving Earth.

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