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The Exaggerated Death Of Ultra Boy

Ultra Boy finds himself drifting through space and he believes himself to be dead. Meanwhile, the Legion of Super-Heroes are holding a vigil for Ultra Boy, who they believe is dead. It is revealed that Ultra Boy tried to take on Pulsar Stargrave on his own but was blasted away before Brainiac 5 arrived to defeat Stargrave himself. Ultra Boy is eventually held in a tractor beam and placed on board of the spacecraft of a space pirate called Captain Frake. Ultra Boy is suffering from amnesia and joins Captain Frake as a space pirate. Soon the Legion answer an emergency call and it's to stop Captain Frake from stealing from a space craft. Ultra Boy attacks the Legion though he is kept anonymous, and though he feels some familiarity, he cannot recall his teammates. The space pirates leave, but not before Saturn Girl was able to read his mind and learn the truth of his identity, though she keeps it a secret until she can know for certain what is going on.


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