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The Legion of Super-Heroes are assembled in front of the United Planets Comission and are asked to disband if they continue to harbor a murderer in their midst: Brainiac 5. Though he was never legally proven guilty, there appears to be evidence to show he murdered An Ryd weeks ago in the middle of his mental breakdown and so he quits the Legion. Chameleon Boy and Star Boy decide to investigate the matter further and goes to the crime scene and realizes Brainiac 5 didn't do it. Before they can inform anyone of his finding, he and Star Boy are attacked by Pulsar Stargrave, the one behind An Ryd's murder. He also takes out Ultra Boy and Phantom Girl who were following different leads to discover Brainiac 5's innocence, seemingly killing Ultra Boy in their fight. Brainiac 5 finds the four victims of Pulsar Stargrave and brings them to the hospital. Brainiac 5 declares that he has to face Pulsar Stargrave on his own and the others realize that Ultra Boy is not in the hospital, when a doctor informs them that Ultra Boy has died in the fight against Stargrave. Brainiac 5 finds Pulsar Stragrave and uses cunning to defeat him.

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