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The Legion of Super-Heroes members attacked by the Fatal Five find themselves in an impervious bubble in the middle of an ocean, surrounded by sea monsters. Princess Projectra uses her illusions to cause one of the monsters to burst the bubble, in effect freeing them. Meanwhile, Timber Wolf continues to investigate the missing Legionnaires to find where they are and who attacked them. Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad are soon attacked in the Legion headquarters and Light Lass is able to escape, rushing to Timber Wolf for aid. Timber Wolf has learned that someone named the Dark Man is behind the Fatal Five's attacks and that leads them to a prison holding the League of Super-Assassins. The League of Super-Assassins have claimed to be working for this so-called Dark Man and hoped for clues. While most of the League offer no answer, Blok decides to assist Light Lass and Timber Wolf. The three leave and head into space, towards the Dark Man's spacecraft. They find it under the ocean and Light Lass raises it and they board. Timber Wolf passes some obstacles and traps and comes face to face with the Dark Man himself, who looks like a fully human version of Tharok.

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