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Brainiac 5 is irate over Dream Girl's seemingly callous ability to predict the future, since he has to study and predict it using scientific methods while she only dreams them. There's trouble on Dream Girl's native planet, Naltor, and she goes with Brainiac 5, Karate Kid and Shadow Lass to investigate. It shows that every person below the age of 18 on that planet has lost their ability to sleep and thus their ability to see the far future. When Brainiac 5 puts on a Legion flight ring on a finger of a Naltorian kid, it becomes apparent that the sleep filter was made on purpose by the adults of Naltor, since the Flight ring cloaks the user from the Public Service, the adults technology to manipulate and keep track of the youth. Dream Girl figures that the only reason anyone could have done that, was to hide something in the future from the kids. Hence she is put to sleep, and she has a vision of upcoming wars and a mysterious warstarter. It is revealed that in the wars, various Naltorians will be drafted into the army and many of them will die. The Legion judges that the inconvenient truth is better than ignorance, and Dream Girl severs the sleep filter, allowing everyone on Naltor to dream.

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