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  1. Cover by Steve Lightle.
  2. "Has Anyone Noticed A Crisis Going On?" written by Paul Levitz, penciled by Greg Larocque, inked by Larry Mahlstedt, colored by Carl Gafford and lettered John Costanza.

Brainiac 5 learns of the Crisis of the Infinite Earths but is too depressed to deal with it, after Supergirl died, and realizes he doesn't remember much of it. That forgetfulness is felt throughout the entire Legion as they try to remember how Kid Psycho died, who also died during the events of the Crisis of Infinite Earths. The anti-matter field from the Crisis sweeps across the galaxy, disrupting the prisoners of Takron-Galtos, but the Legion arrives so things don't get out of hand. Tellus accidentally releases Validus but before he is destroyed by the anti-matter field, someone teleports him to safety. Meanwhile, some other Legionnaires try to figure a way to stop the anti-matter field and unwittingly release the Infinite Man. The Legion fights the Infinite Man and are able to defeat him, even returning him to his normal form.

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