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Five years after the Magic Wars, the Legion of Super-Heroes is no more--the members have gone their ways after the devastating battle. But on Durla, Reep Dangle decides that it's time to bring the team together once more, starting with Legion founder Cosmic Boy!

It is five years after the Magic Wars and the Legion of Super-Heroes have disbanded. Dirk Morgna, formerly Sun Boy, is a public relations liaison for Earth. Rokk Krinn, formerly Cosmic Boy, is living on a devastated Braal with his pregnant lover, Night Girl. Salu Digby, formerly Shrinking Violet, has just been dishonorably pardoned from the Imskian Army. Reep Daggle, formerly Chameleon Boy, makes moves to gather the Legion of Super-Heroes again, especially in these trying times. He meets Rokk privately, thanks to Rokk's best friend Loomis, and persuades him to join his endeavor to bring back the team, but Rokk informs him that he has lost his magnetic powers. Reep doesn't care; Rokk is the heart and soul of the Legion and it wouldn't work without him.

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