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During the System's heroic promethium age, in the centuries following the great return to basics, when the pancosmic justice jihad fought for mankind across the stars, and Solaris, the reborn sun, was the foremost of champions. In the loneliness of the great asteroid belt, in the black void between mars and jupiter, fumbled a body designated Peaceable Kindgom. And on this minor planet sat a stationi known as the Lair. This was the headquarters of that time's greatest assemblage of meta-powered animals - the Legion of Executive Familiars.

The Legion of Super-Familiars' proud origins extend back eons - as far back as that misty century when the legenday super-pets, and the first Krypto, supposedly patrolled the skies of Earth. The ancient stories allude that these were the same battling beasties that reappeared in the 45th century to fight beside that primitive time's Justice Legion. All that is known for sure is that the genetic material of some long-ago Krypto was kept for eons by the most revered Superman Dynasty in their hallowed fortress of solitude, until the lineage was resurrected in the 291st century to join the ranks of that age's super-animals. And through time, the numbers have grown, as has the influence and the respect accorded to the Legion of Super-Familiars by the human species. Once they were masters and they were pets - now the Legion was recognized as full partners and designated familiars, an ancient referral to the bestial accomplice of the witch. Then came the great rebirth of the mighty Solaris, and his patronage. He bequeathed universal telepathy on all animals, and helped organize the super-familiars into Legions - one on every planet in the system. The Legion of Executives, the governing, coordinating body, was established with the supreme headquarters, raised in the asteroid belt. Oversees the nine planetary branches of the Legion, and stands ready to lead in the fight against crime and tyranny, alongside their former masters, the human technocrats. Traverse the sacred halls and the Legion of Super-Familiars' entire glorious history of loyal, selfless service unfolds.


Octus, the eight-dimensional cephalopod - from the bottom of the seas of neptune. While it is impossible for creatures limited to a three-dimensional perception of the universe to fully understand his powers, his weird limpet grenades have proven to be most effective weapons.

Krypto-9 - canine scion of a kryptonian legacy, able to multiply his native strength up to the ninth power, as needed.

Wormhole - unfathomable denizens of the black gulfs between stars, with the ability to bend space and time to his command.

Phaethon and Savitar, the sun dogs - born out of Solaris' own nuclear furnace, and heir to his hydrogen-fueled power and fury.

Googal, the infinity mouse - the last white-footed mouse in the universe. Once a vital species inhabiting the native earth's entire western hemisphere, they were not able to withstand the human technocrats' tesseract revolution of the last century, and so faced extinction. But before they disappeared forever - a kindly big-brained primate genetically encoded Googal with the individual characteristics of his entire species. Giving him the ability to physically recall his entire race if necessary. He can multiply into a thousand mice...or a million mice...or an infinity of mice.

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