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Satana is forced to retrieve a soul she has already sent to her father, Satan.

Satana and the Electric Pentacle

Satana finishes up taking the souls of some unfortunate men and returns to find herself trapped by an electronic pentacle just inside her door. The person responsible reveals herself as the twin sister of one of Satana's victims. Not just any victim however, but one of the ten percent of her victims whose souls she sends to her father, Satan, to keep him out of her hair.

In order to be released from the pentacle trap, she signs a contract agreeing to find the young man's soul and return him to life. Using the equipment her captor used to create the pentacle and some of her own tricks, she travels to hell only to find that the man's soul has already escaped Satan. Unfortunately he's being pursued by the Scorpion Queen, mother of all Hell's vermin, who immediately orders her children to attack Satana. Satana defends herself, destroying the Scorpion Queen's children in the process. The enraged demon mother steps up her attack, forcing Satana to mortally wound her.

Satana arrives back at her lair with the soul of the young man in tow. His twin sister is overjoyed to see him alive until he fades away in her arms. Satana explains that the contract demanded she bring him back to life, however it didn't specify that he had to stay that way and then proceeds to add the sister to her collection of souls as well.


N'Kantu recounts the tale that led to his becoming the Living Mummy. He had been king of his people, but they had been taken by the Egyptians and made to be slaves. He fought against his captivity and slew the Pharaoh, Aram-Set. Aram-Set's high priest, Nephrus, used his magics to turn N'Kantu into a living mummy.

The Living Mummy uses the Orb of Ra to summon the god Ra and ask to be released. Ra reveals that he is dead and does not have the power to release him from his torment, but his master Anubis might.

Anubis' familiar, Khet, speaks for the god and strikes a deal with N'Kantu. The Living Mummy will serve Anubis by killing men so that the god might feed on their souls. N'Kantu agrees but vows only to kill evil men. The deal is struck and and Khet leaves with the Living Mummy to serve as his link to Anubis.

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