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Since the first issue, this time-lost band of Legionnaires has been operating in the shadows out of fear of corrupting the timestream. Now, their secret is out! Timber Wolf is captured and interrogated by a shadowy organization! Will he be able to maintain the team's cover? Or is their future doomed?

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Their Back 0

Legion Lost has become one of my favorite series in the New 52 and I really like the characters and the directions that it's going. Now that we are getting a new writer, are things going to change or is it still going to be the same good times?  THE GOOD: The art in this issue is done by two artist and I didn't even really notice. The splash page at the beginning with Gates, was a fun thing to see and really got me to love the character. The writing is great as well. Tom Defalco starts scripting...

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Still Lost In Time, But Not In Space 0

This issue has a really nice cover. It's nothing special, but better than the more usual 'nothing special' covers. It's a very nice cover for a team series, and it's especially apt as the finale of the first arc.So in the tradition of this series about each issue focusing the narration from the perspective of a different team, we get Tyroc this time. It's actually quite interesting that Tyroc is among the last, at the very least, the last of the characters who weren't presumed dead after the fir...

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Posture a bit for show 0

There is an interesting introduction made here.  With the out-of-time story line ongoing it would make sense to deal with that somewhat before moving on.  To be fair it was somewhat dealt with previously as Alastor was captured, but now the remaining Legion members are cracking into a military stronghold to retrieve their two allies.  What plays out is a pretty decent raid on the military, especially so as J'Onn J'onzz shows up and runs a bit of interference for his own goals.  Still the interes...

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