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This cover really isn't great. It's too generic, and too limited. The interior art by Andres Guinaldo, however, is positively stellar. Pete Woods has been nailing it on art consistently, but Guinaldo does damn well as good a job with lots of vibrant colors and animated energy.

This issue is essentially the same as the previous one in terms of tone and pacing. The big threat is here, and all the players have arrived. There's some awkward expositionary dialogue that makes no sense considering everyone there is up to speed, but then things mostly just let loose with the epic battle. What works uniquely in this issue is the variety of unconventional team-ups. Harvest's team worms their way into working side-by-side with various other characters who would normally be ready to tear out their throats. This leads to a lot of very intense moments in the heat of a monumentally epic battle.

And that's not the only source of intensity in this issue, there's plenty to go around in a wide variety. Various characters make key life changing decisions, and it leads to a lot of heavy consequences. But the biggest decision still looms. Would you sacrifice millions to save quintillions? I think we all know a certain wannabe hero who would make that decision in a heartbeat.

In Conclusion: 4.5/5

There's not much I can say about this issue that wasn't said about the previous one. All the major events of this series are coming to a head, and the climax is utterly massive in scale. The previous issue had a lot of shocking twists as the stakes kept getting higher, this issue had the characters fully dealing with that, and all the intensity it required.


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    THE GOOD: Andres Guinaldo is a huge part as to why this issue was so good. His style is a surprising fit for this series and he does the characters justice. He adds so much details to all the back grounds that you never run out of something to look for. The characters, have never looked this good and it's great that they are getting an amazing looking goodbye. If you look threw this book you will see how amazing it is. There is really not enough to say how much he work really improved this issue...

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