starkiller809's Legion Lost #14 - Desperate Times review

Legion Lost #14

Pete Wood's does an amazing job and it's a shame that he got stuck on this title. the amount of details that he adds into his drawings are extraordinary. The action that happens look well done because of his art and the amount of time he put into it. The facial expressions are also very well done. This is the only good part about this issue.  
Tom DeFalco maybe the worst writer for this book. He has to add cheesy dialog to every single panel and it's annoying. He has ruined a series that was once decent. The Legion fight this new enemy who is destroying the world for reasons we don't know. So, they have to call everyone that has been introduced in the Culling (because that was just a fantastic story) back into action. Even the bad guys who tried to kill everyone but it's okay now because he's the less of two evils. This series has been canceled so Tom DeFalco just felt it necessary to make you hate once one of your favorite Legion characters before he had to stop. The Ravagers are there too, and they also work with Harvest even though they hate him but it's okay. There are so many things wrong with this issue that it's hard to narrow it down to one. We still have all these secrets that haven't been answered since issue #1! Give us some answers instead of making the web more confusing and worst.  
THE VERDICT: 0.5/5 (Terrible) 
I may look at this in a few months and say "That was harsh.", but I'm pissed that he's ruined some of the best Legion characters. Tom DeFalco, please, please stop writing. You gives us all these open threads and it almost feels like you don't even know what you are doing. This is by far, the worst comic book that I have ever read and I would stay farther away from this then you would Amanda Bynes on a highway. This is pure awful. 

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