the_mighty_monarch's Legion Lost #14 - Desperate Times review

Harvesting The Seeds of the Future Cosmos

This cover's a little generic at a glance, especially without a background, and Kirkham's art seems pretty rushed with some funky character work; but if you look closely and do some analysis you realize it has Legion Lost characters, Superboy, Ravagers, AND HARVEST. ON THE SAME SIDE. WHAT.

Pete Woods' art is at some of its finest, and even though it's pretty noticeable when Ronan Cliquet fills in, his style doesn't clash too significantly with Woods'. The fight is a little crazy and convoluted, but it's never simplified to everyone shooting lasers everywhere. Everyone fights with their own personal style as more and more players join the stage.

I'm pretty bummed that this series is being cancelled, but at least DeFalco is seriously not holding back when it comes to the conclusion. This is ridiculously epic on multiple levels. Daggor is an insanely powerful threat, and his army of self replicating robots certainly help. The Lost Legionnaires, half the Ravagers, and Harvest with his top cronies can all barely hold their own against him. It could come across as a little cheesy, but he's not treated as just any threat, there's a lot on the line as multiple plotlines converge on this point, which is the second part of what makes this so epic.

Jocelyn Lure, Echo, Harvest, Gates' injuries, Tyroc's prophecy, and the damaged timeline all come to a head in a way that actually doesn't feel rushed. It feels like a very smooth and natural conclusion, though I doubt Harvest will be resolved, and I was hoping the Legion Lost group would be able to stay around longer to be a part of the whole N.O.W.H.E.R.E. saga.

Harvest is quickly becoming one of my favorite new characters. Sure he's a little over-the-top powerful and gambit foreseeing, but his attitude is somewhat unique amongst the overconfident. He treats so much of what he does with an interesting lightness of tone that makes him so compelling. And there's also the fact that he genuinely believes himself to be a hero for what he's doing; he reminds me a bit of Maxwell Lord.

In Conclusion: 4.5/5

Legion Lost, the first time I truly loved the Legion of Super-Heroes, is coming to a close. But it's getting a damn epic finale,


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