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Legion Lost #11

I really like Pete Woods art, He has a way with making things simple but never too simple and it's just the perfect mixture and I really enjoy the final result. There is a lot of facial expression and the action is very fluid. I also really like the way the backgrounds are looking in this series. The story is really good as well. Just like the real Legion book, this series is managing a lot of plots. I think that they execute this a little better then the real book because this has 1/5 the characters. I really like that there are a lot of interesting and engaging plots going on. I really like seeing some of the characters getting closer and some of them are getting a little distance. I also really like how they are still mentioning things from the first issue. 
I've read the Legion for a long time. I feel like this series is getting rid of a lot of the things that I liked from the 80's. All the relationships that were really good and emotional have been conflicted and it makes me a little sad that we can't have a marriage with characters who aren't even that well known. The Wildfire and Dawnstar thing really sucks for me and I really hope that they fix and become closer.  
THE VERDICT: 4/5 (Great) 
I think Legion fans will like this book because it has some of the better characters. I also think that the the plots are enjoyable and the characters are realistic. If Legion fans didn't really like the relationship of any of the characters that are here then this might be a lot better then the rating I gave it. if you happened to enjoy them, this might be a little hard to like at first, but I'm sure that there is something that will get you in. 
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Posted by The Mighty Monarch

Legion Lovers and Legion Haters Unite!

I'm the latter, and I love this series. It's always fun to see when we agree on this series.

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