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A Bit Lost

Sadly, this issue did not meet my expectations for the new incarnation of DC's 52 line. I was hoping for some clarity in terms of the story and characters. Taken from the perspective of a new reader, that does not happen here.

In fact, unless you are already familiar with the Legion of Super-Heroes, past stories, and Flashpoint, a new reader may indeed be a bit lost.

If, however, the reader is at least somewhat familiar with the previous stories, and characters and the Flashpoint tie-in, then this books still needs a lot of improvement. I am not being too picky but I was disappointed regarding the layout of the panels, the story and the art just felt adequate, nothing spectacular.

A few members of the Legion are in what I assume are two time bubbles ( I had to double-check the story and panels to be sure, the art and panels were cluttered and not well laid out ). They have Alastor in their "care" but he had managed to jump the time stream an hour in the 31st Century but it ends up being even longer in present time so the Legion has essentially lost him.

What I found a bit too far-fetched was Dawnstar's reaction to Earth's pollution. Also, Timber Wolf's personality traits were a bit exaggerated.

A few things happen which I won't spoil for any reader but know the team is affected. The art could have been better, the layout better, and clarity of the story better. Which is hard for me to say because I like Fabien Nicieza.

I will be surprised if Legion Lost survives the 52 cut if any future titles are like this one. Maybe I am being too picky but it is a let down from previous Legion of Super-Heroes stories.


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