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The Legion Academy is an educational institution started by the Legion of Super-Heroes in the late 30th century. Academy was formed to train potential Legionnaires in the use of their powers and abilities. To be prepare the growing roster of the Legion for what challenges may lay ahead, the United Planets agreed to fund the Academy. The Academy will also train students who have no desire to be in the Legion.


The Legion Academy was created by Jim Shooter and Curt Swan

Team Evolution

Bronze Age

The Legion Academy (Bronze Age)

It was first located in Weisinger Plaza, joined to the newly rebuilt Legion Headquarters. The Academy was later moved to Old Montauk Point, not far from Metropolis. The location allows a safe haven for the students and the faculty. The tower and adjacent center contain classrooms, training rooms, a library, mess hall, labs, and housing for the students and faculty. Several Legion Academy students eventually became Legionnaires. The graduates are: Timber Wolf, Chemical King, Dawnstar, Magnetic-Kid, and Tellus. The Academy has also trained newly appointed Legionaries such as the new Invisible Kid and the mystic White Witch in how to better use their abilities in a group setting.

The Academy is overseen by Legion´s reserve-members Bouncing Boy and Duo Damsel, who instruct the young students. Wildfire is a regular instructor, and a supporter of the Academy, often arguing the point that future Legionnaires should be recruited directly and only from the school. Students have included: Laurel Kent, Power Boy, Shadow Lad, Comet Queen, Lamprey, Nightwind, Crystal Kid, Mandalla, Visi-Lad, Mentalla, Westerner and Karate Kid II.

Five Years Later

United Planets Military Academy

After the Magic Wars, the Legion Academy was renamed the United Planets Military Academy. Many old students remained and many new students had joined, such as Tiger Girl, Ringtoss, Rush, Jagged, Dragonfly, R3Z7 and Xera.

Reboot / Earth-247

The Legion Academy (Earth-247)

This Academy was established not by the Legion, but by their governing authority: the United Planets. As such, any world could send candidates for training. Their ranks began weakly with a trio of misfits, Tomb, Cannus (Cahvey Cannus) and Brawler. They were escorted to the Academy's headquarters Warnabros by Legionnaires Apparition and Andromeda. When Legion membership was made voluntary, and Legionnaires were no longer appointed by their homeworlds, the United Planets closed the Academy. This made recruitment a challenge, and several Legionnaires mentioned perhaps they should begin their own Academy. Cannus returned to apply for Legion membership but didn't make the cut.

Quite a while later, they made good and established the Legion Cadet Program. Among these cadets were Polar Boy, Comet Queen, Babbage, Retro and Amp Girl. When the Legion was largely out of commission, Chuck Taine called in the Legion Cadets for help. Nightwind and Infectious Lass were among those who impressed that day.

Retroboot / New Earth

The Legion Academy (New Earth)

It has been recently revealed that Bouncing Boy and Duplicate Damsel have returned to the Academy have returned to teaching after the Legion of Three Worlds event. A new class has formed at the Legion Academy, which includes new students: Chemical Kid, Dragonwing, Variable Lad, and Gravity Kid.

Major Story Arcs

Other Versions

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