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This mini series I think starts off great.  It is titled U.L.T.R.A. Humanite.  This is a very symbolic opening for the Legends anthology ongoing.  Legends were unconnected stories that could vary in issue lengths for this ongoing series.  Superman being the franchise character at the time deserved the first arch.  And who better to be the villain then the first Superman reoccurring character Ultra-Humanite.  In this story James Robinson keeps the sci-fi origin alive with a spirit jumping oldman being the Ultra-Humanite.  The nice thing about this back story is Robinson creates an acronym for U.L.T.R.A. which I appreciated.  
The way the story in introduced, it is written as if Lois Lane is writing an article. This was a smart device to sum up the DCU.  There was comparisons to Gotham for example, where Alan Scott Green Lantern was the hero in two before Batman.  There were Mystery Men as the title before the upgrade to Superheroes.  Being the first issue if this series it succeeds as the foundation for new readers.
This is the first of a three issue arch and the cliffhanger ending did make me want to read more.  This issue was collected in Superman: Sole Survivor and can be read in its complete arch there. 
 - Silkcuts

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