grim's Legends of the Dark Knight #35 - Destiny: Part One review

Old School Review- Legends of The Dark Night: Destiny

The Legend of the Dark Knight series is a masterpiece. Every story oozing with mystery and adventure. 
 In Destiny, Batman meets a young foreign man, who has donned the sheild and sword of a viking to try and save his home toen, which is being overrun by toxic waist dumping thugs. The viking comes to the states, to raise awareness of the travesties of his town, and bring the Gotham based organization to its knees. 
 But as the two work together to bring down the villains, Batman notices that they both have one half to the same medalion, which has aparently been passed down in their families for years. and, with the help of old textbooks full of viking lore, the two come to discover that this is not the first time Bat and Viking have worked together. 
 I really liked this LOTDK story better than the others because the viking times Batman we see is all will power and resolve. He has no gear, and he honestly wasn't much of a tactician either. But he still has all the individuals and self-critique of the Batman we know now.  
 five stars easy. if you ever see any of these in a bargain bin, grab and enjoy some good old Batman stories.

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Posted by monitor_earthprime

I cannot believe that Grant did not use this version of Bat Man in his "Return Of Bruce Wayne" mini-series.

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