batwatch's Legends of the Dark Knight #31 - What Happened Was..., Part 2 of 3 review

Legends #31

What Happened Was...

The last issue of Legends of the Dark Knight was a solid beginning to a three part story which relayed a Batman tale from various unreliable narrators. All we really know is that Batman and Calendar Man had a conflict at a stadium which caused an explosion. Now, a detective has to pick up the pieces and figure out what really happened. At the end of the last issue, the detective's inquiries were about to turn towards Calendar Man himself. Should you save the date for this issue, or should you save your money instead?

In this issue, Detective Kelly interviews Calendar Man, and the Man of the Day spins a tale of Batman's heartless actions.

Spin, Spin, Spin

I found this a rather humorous little issue. I've never taken the time to consider what super villains might say when questioned by police since they seem dead to rights most of the time. However, that would actually be less clear if you were a detective rather than a reader. After all, we, as the audience, get to see every sinister move of the villain, but detectives have to work off the aftermath of the crimes.

Calendar Man spins an interesting yarn, and it is fun to see how he tries to portray himself as an upstanding citizen and how Batman is an unfeeling menace. Underlying the humor is the very real violence of the tale (which happens off panel) and the sinister thought that Batman could actually use his power in such a ruthless way if he so chose. I find myself thinking about the moral ambiguity that must surround Commissioner Gordon for encouraging his men to take Batman at his word. What if Batman really was a bad guy?

The art looks really good in this issue. Like that one panel in the last issue, the final panel has a stupid looking white outline around Batman, but beyond that, the art looks magnificent, and since the last panel's focus is more on the stadium than Batman, I almost didn't even notice.

Conclusion 9/10

This is not a particularly deep Batman story, but it is a good. Unless it really falls apart in the last act, which they sometimes do, this should be well worth your purchase.

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