batwatch's Legends of the Dark Knight #14 - Batman: the Movie, Part 1 of 1 review

The Psychotic Perspective: Legends of the Dark Knight #14

Batman: The Movie

I did not expect much from Legends of the Dark Knight, but the last two arcs have impressed me. They were not all great. Specifically, the last issue left something to be desired, but overall, it is a very good value for ninety-nine cents an issue. Does this issue add or take away from the series?

In this issue, Bruce Wayne visits the set of a movie being made about Batman, but Joker also makes an appearance and tries his hand at directing.

The Blockbuster

The story is fun and light hearted poking fun at many of the movie tropes we have seen/witnessed/endured in Batman movies of the last two decades. There are serious questions posed to the concept of Batman in this issue, but no serious answers are provided, and it is nice to have a story which does not feel the need to justify the existence of Batman for the dozenth time. The issue goes interesting places which have seldom been explored in comics, the in-universe marketing of Batman as merchandisable concept. We get to see the actor playing Batman puzzle over why Batman does what he does, and we get to see the ridiculousness of modern movie making. When Joker comes into the story, he adds a layer of action to the story which is fun but not overdone. The art is minimalistic but good.

The Blooper Reel

I wish this had been a two-part story because it deserved more time than it received. Joker was fun as always, but his appearance felt a bit rushed, and though his part of the story made sense, it took away from the much more interesting elements being explored in the issue before he showed up. There were also a few awkward scenes in the comic. At one point, a scene change takes action from the outside to the inside, but there is no clear indication of when or how this happened. Did the characters all suddenly go indoors, or is this sometime later? Also, I mistook one of the characters as an actress rather than a villain, and it surprised me when she started attacking Batman.


In short, this is a good story and worth reading, but it would have been better served with a two-issue arc.


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