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After tracking down Hyena to the Gotham printing press, Dark Claw attempts to subdue his hated foe but before the battle can be won, several of Hyena's goons manage to disrupt the battle allowing their boss to escape and Dark Claw being rescued by his side kick, Sparrow. The duo fly home planning their next move.

Meanwhile, Carol Danvers, a.k.a. Huntress, breaks into Logan's loft, tracking down leads to Creed H. Quinn, the Hyena. As she snoops through the loft, she comes across the greatest secret of all: the costumes of Dark Claw and thus his true identity. Before she can leave, Dark Claw enters through a passage way behind the closet and pins the Huntress to the ground. Undecided what to do with the intruder, the two begin to talk and soon Dark Claw shares his secrets. He is indeed Logan, a by product of an experiment that he and three others volunteered for, one of the others was his one time friend Creed H. Quinn. Dark Claw shows her the Barrow, his lare and center for his war on crime. This descision doesn't sit well with Sparrow at first, but soon the three begin looking for clues Hyena might have set back at the Gotham Gazzette. They discover two clues, AF1 meaning Air Force One, and NaCN for Sodium Cyonide a deadly posion.

Thre three head immediatey to Air Force One, and arrive just as Hyena makes his move. With the gas filling the plane, Dark Claw corners his foe and cuts a whole in the plane, jettising Hyena, Dark Claw, and the gas.

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Wolverine/Batman 0

In This issue we meet the mutant known as Dark Claw ( Batman , Wolverine ) as he is in the middle of a battle with the jackyl ( Joker , Sabretooth ). Thanks to the talentedteam of Larry hama ( writer ) and Jim Balant ( Artist ) Dark Claw is in the running with Dr. Strangefate as best of the Amalgam books. Yet in my personal and less then humble opinion its Pat Gaharrys colors that gives this book its depth. Another notch on the would have liked it too have continued list....

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okay 0

I think the idea of joining two massive superheros (batman & wolverine) together is a very clever thing to means having more powers and new images.The story of  the comic works very well. The art is good, imaginative and enjoyable.I wouldn't necessarily say it is a must read - but if you have the chance to read - you should....

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